Step 1:  Shuffle and distribute cards evenly among players.
Step 2:  Determine teams (Optional). The game can be played one vs. one or team vs. team.

Step 3:  You play a card or a set of the same card, then the next player has to play a higher card or higher set, and so on for each player until no one can go higher.

Step 4:  Then, the playing order resets, and a new round starts. The player who took the lead in the previous round gets to go first and set the card order.

Step 5:  Beat your opponents by strategically deciding to skip your turn, holding onto higher cards until the end of the game to seize the lead at the last moment, and using sets of cards to outmaneuver opponents who don’t have their own sets.

Step 6:  Get rid of all your cards first to win the game!

Review the video below for detailed gameplay instructions.