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Fun Reimagined Card Game: T RUN
When playing T RUN, the players can use various strategies to win the game, such as taking the lead during opportune moments to get rid of low-ranking cards. Or, skipping a turn to conserve high ranking cards which can be used later in the game to outmaneuver opponents. The game gets more intense as players discover more strategies to win. We are here to share a few game creator's tips to give you a leg up for your next game.

Game Tip #1
Use high ranking cards to take the lead to get rid of low-ranking cards. For example, a player can use a III to take the lead (during a round that everyone plays singles) to get rid of a pair of 6s. Of course, before using a III to take the lead, the player needs to make sure either the two T RUNs have been discarded or has the T RUN cards in hand. ⁠
Game Tip #2
Get rid of low-ranking cards whenever you can and as early as possible. To help get rid of low-ranking cards, experienced players sometimes do not play high ranking cards in the beginning of the game. As the game progresses, they use high ranking cards to take the lead. If everyone passes, the player gets the opportunity to play any combination of cards (i.e. a single, a pair, three of the same number, or four of the same number of any number). They often use this opportunity to get rid of low-ranking cards, such as 4, 5, 6 or 7.
Game Tip #3
When everyone calls “pass” to the group, the player who played the highest card(s) last is the lead for the particular round and gets to play again. At this time, the player has an opportunity to ask any or all fellow players how many cards are left in their hands to assess the opponent(s) status. As the game approaches the end, it’s always a good idea for the lead player to take the opportunity to ask everyone how many cards they have left. Since a game can end on a fast note at times, the player can take the opportunity to assess and adjust the strategy accordingly.

Game Tip #4
A good hand means a lot of high-ranking cards such as T RUN, IIIs, IIs, and Is. Of course, having the starting card 4 helps too. But remember you can use various strategies to beat the odds if you are dealt with a horrible hand. Sometimes you may not be able to win with the cards dealt to you, but you won’t lose either if you play your cards right.

Game Tip #5
The player who gets the 4 with green arrow (starting card) will play first. If a player receives the starting card along with other 4(s), sometimes it’s a good idea to play the 4s first to get rid of them during the first round. Since they are the lowest ranking cards in the game, it will be harder to get rid of them as the game progresses. ⁠However, if a player has three or four 4s, and quite a few low-ranking singles, it may be advantageous to hold on the 4s to start with, and focusing on get rid of the low ranking singles first. ⁠You can get rid of the 4s together later in the game.

Game Tip #6:
Be vigilant at monitoring the number of cards other players have left, especially if your game has quite a few players. Experienced players sometimes hold on to their cards in the beginning strategically, so they can get rid of them FAST in the end!

T RUN can be played 1 vs. 1 or team vs. team. Each deck plays up to 7 players. If the number of players exceeds 7, just add another deck, and everyone can play at the same time. If you like to plan ahead, strategize, or team up, T RUN is the card game for you!

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