Seven Meadows Game Tips

From the Game Creator
Fun Reimagined Card Game: Seven Meadows

Seven Meadows is a super fun, family friendly, and very easy to learn card game. But it doesn’t mean the game is simple. During each turn, the players can either play nice or sabotage their opponents. As the game plays out, the game gets more intense.

During each turn, the players can withhold essentials cards to eliminate opportunities for their opponents to play, fold strategically to minimize accumulating points for themselves, tactically force opponents to fold high points cards, or strategically play certain sequential cards to only give themselves opportunities to build. To help you win the next game, we are here to share a few awesome game tips. 

Game Tip #1
A player should strategically fold cards in a color group when the player has no higher and/or lower cards to play in that color group. For example, if a player doesn’t have anything higher than a 10 in yellow to play, fold the yellow 10 (when folding is required) to force opponents with the higher point cards (11-14) to fold them and accumulate massive points.⁣
Game Tip #2
In general, it’s better to fold low-point cards (2-10) than high-point cards (11-14) to minimize point accumulation unless certain high-point cards play a key role in a player’s overall strategy. ⁣
Game Tip #3
Here is a time-saving tip on how to calculate final scores quickly. Instead of each player adding up their total individual points accumulated at the end of each game, the players can compare cards and offset each other for easier calculation. For example, if one player has 3 10-points cards, and the other player has 2 10-points cards, the players can each discard 2 10-points cards as they offset each other. Then, players can just calculate the remaining total instead of the total of all card accumulated. ⁣
Game Tip #4
Play 14 and 2 first before playing other cards whenever possible. They are the end cards for each column, so they don’t create new opportunities for other players to build the tableau, stalling your opponents, and potentially leading them to have to fold cards.

Game Tip #5
If a player has a few high points cards in a particular color group, the player should play cards that lead to opportunities to play these high cards in the future. For example, if a player has 9, 11, 12, 13 and 14 in a particular color group, the player should play the 9 as soon as possible, so it will give other player(s) opportunities to play 10 in the color group, which would ultimately help the player to get rid of 11, 12, 13, and 14 instead of folding them.⁣⁣

If you are the type of person who loves to outwit opponents, and enjoys fast strategic games, get the game now!

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