Dare to Be Different

From the Founder

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We are different, and we are proud! So what make our games special?
🔸 Pocket Size
🔸 Fast Paced
🔸 Streamlined Rules
🔸 Great Replay Value
🔸 Unique Artwork
Our card games are pocket sized, which allows you to carry them anywhere. If you love to travel, they are perfect to bring to airports, train stations or on boats to play a round or two while you wait to board, or on your way to your destination. Each round of playing only take about 15 minutes or so.
We design our games with streamlined rules. Our card games are very easy to learn, and super fun to play! You can use various strategies to tackle each scenario. The replay value of our card games is great! You will want to play each game again and again.
In addition to various game strategies you can employ, the beautiful artwork will melt your stress away and help you escape to another world. Our card games are addictive, and perfect for both people who just started to dabble in the gaming world, as well as lifelong gaming enthusiasts. Our games are family friendly and great to play with friends, or at game nights, parties, office events, family gatherings, etc. They make the perfect gift for your game enthusiast friends, or that special someone who already has everything or is looking for something different.
We take pride in designing card games for you, who are cool, adventurous, and always down for trying a new game!

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