We love this game! I was introduced to it by a friend and bought my own game. Since then I've played it with friends and family and every person has loved it and wanted their own. It's simple enough, but there's a good mix of luck and strategy that really keeps it interesting.

Miki H.

Seven Meadows is a gorgeous tableau-building card game that is relaxing and satisfying. The game is for 3 to 5 players and plays about 15 minutes each game. The rules are easy to learn! I have played this game and T-run with my friends and family many times. We had a lot of fun!

Sachi G.

A solid game to add to your game collection for any gamer! I really enjoy the strategy and easy pick up of the game. And the artwork is beautiful! I highly recommend!

Sheena K

Fun and easy to play, but additional strategy and depth the more you play the game. Addictive, unique, and so enjoyable to play with friends. Cool artwork as well!

Gil S.

T Run card game was easy to learn and play!

Cindy S.

My son and his fiancé love this game. They travel quite a bit and enjoy taking T Run with them to the airport. They like that they can play short games in between flights and even on the plane. They are both strategic thinkers and enjoy the challenge of the game.

Nancy L.
Fun Reimagined Card Game: Seven Meadows

Seven Meadows

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Fun Reimagined Card Game: T RUN


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